About Us

Mosaic artist Mukesh Padaliya creates one-of-a-kind, contemporary mosaics for gallery, architectural, community and home settings. His work can be seen at many places that include the national heritage buildings as well as private properties. Mosaics are created using the finest materials: marble, vitreous glass, ceramic and more. Because of his pure art and creativity he has gained a very good recognition in the Indian art lovers. Ancient Indian and Heritage designs provide Mukesh with endless inspiration for the classical pieces often sought by his clients.

Vision :

MOSAIC MURAL 9 aims to achieve the highest standard of workmanship by creating a piece of distinction. Its character will reflect the personality of the client through customized designs and consultation. The high level of skill and quality of materials used will ensure that the finished piece is one to admire for years to come.

Customer Relation :

We at MOSAIC MURAL 9 give importance to customer relation. As we personally believe that customer is the key to success and it is by customer relation that we can fulfil our goals and objective. We in the long term what to create a value laden relationship with every customer.

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